Bone, Flesh & Cartilage Salve 3 sizes

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bfc_smBone, Flesh & Cartilage Salve

Traditional uses include*:
Varicose veins … Sprains … Curvature of the spine … Localized tremors … Skin eruptions … Pulled muscles … Bruised ribs … Blood clots … Calcium spurs … Pain from injury … Dry, chapped hands and face.*

Contains: Comfrey, White Oak, Gravel Rt., Mullein, Lobelia, Wormwood, Skullcap, Marshmallow, Black Walnut Leaves, Shavegrass, Oat Straw, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, Birch Oil, Thyme Oil

100% Natural Ingredients – No Synthetic Ingredients -  Essential Oils Aromatherapy

1/2 ounce $6.50   2 ounces $16   4 ounces $25


Complete Tissue & Bone Ointment 4 oz
completetissueAlso known as BF&C, Bones Flesh & Cartilage. Dr. Christopher’s Complete Tissue and Bone, also known as Bones Flesh & Cartilage or BF&C, is a complex herbal medication consisting of a unique set of herbs with a tested and proven effectiveness. The formula can be beneficial for the body’s metabolism, optimization of bone and tissue formation during the organism growth and bone injuries.

Complete Tissue and Bone is much valued for its anti-inflammatory effect creating beneficial conditions that help improve wounds healing, bones and soft tissues injuries, improve the recovery after surgical operations, including plastic surgery.

The herbs in the Complete Tissue and Bone formula are known to produce a multi-functional effect on the body resulting in numerous health benefits.   $19.99


Proprietary Blend: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, White Oak Bark, Comfrey Root, Mullein Leaf, Black Walnut Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Gravel Root, Wormwood Herb, Lobelia Herb, Skullcap Herb & Beeswax.

Warning: External use only. Consuming this product may cause Liver damage. This product contains comfrey. Comfrey contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids which may cause serious illness or death. This product should not be taken orally used as a suppository or applied to broken skin. For further information contact the Food & Drug Administration.

No added Fillers or Chemicals

Directions: Apply externally at least six times a day as needed or as directed by your Health Care Professional. External Use Only.

Refrigerate after opening.


Anti-Fungal Salve -Olive Leaf, Artemisa, Pau d’Arco


Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-Itch Salve -White Willow Bark


Bone, Flesh, & Cartilage Salve- Comfrey White Oak


Breathing Salve- Sinus Congestion, Colds, Asthma*


Bugs-No-More Salve- Citronella Aromatherapy Essential Oil


Cayenne Deep Heat Salve- Arthritis, Pain, Stiffness, Soreness*


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Lip Balm Unpetroleum Salve- Dry Chapped Lips*, No Petroleum


Pine Pitch Salve- Insect Bites, Infectious Wounds*


9 Pack- Try 1/2 ounce each of all 9 salves*

Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure any disease or ailment.