Kenrico Disposable Face Mask

Kenrico Disposable Face Mask

infomercial_antigerms_maskWhat is so special about Kenrico Disposal Facial Mask®? It is a powerful N95 grade respirator with extra carbon, carbon titanium, and antiseptic vinegar layers designed to help provide comfortable, absolutely reliable protection against allergens (pollen and chemicals), viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

Not only does the Kenrico N95 Disposal Facial Mask offers N95 grade of filtration capability, it also removes and eliminates dangerous germs (viruses, bacterias, fungi and protozoa) instantly upon contact. With Kenrico N95 Disposal Facial Mask, users do not have to worry about germs that contaminate the mask at all time. It protects users against contagious germs anywhere from workplace, movie theatres, park until school. Its lightweight construction promotes greater acceptance and comfort.
By using the Kenrico N95 Disposal Facial Mask, it’s not only being responsible to the user’s own health, but also to the health of the people directly around the users.*

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Each package comes  with 2 disposable mask, 2 vinegar wipes and 2 carbon titanium adhesive sheets.


Why Antiseptic Vinegar Pack & Carbon Titanium? According to the latest testing, Kenrico Antiseptic vinegar is very effective in eliminating the germs. As compared to standard antiseptic made with chemicals, which resulted in some reduction in viable bacterial cells, the Kenrico Antiseptic Vinegar were much more effective, 100% natural and yielding a 100% removal ratio.*
Kenrico Antiseptic Vinegar is made from purest triple-distilled vinegar to ensure its effectiveness to naturally eliminate harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa instantly. It is made according to Kenrico’s GMP & Pharmaceutical Standard in addition to ISO 14001 and 9001:2000 to ensure the safest and the highest quality of the product.
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 KEN_BFE_small Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) testing confirms that the bacterial filtration capability of Kenrico N95 Facial Disposal Mask is well above the standard for N95 mask. The 100% kill rate with Antiseptic Vinegar pack further protects the health of the users and the people around the users.*

How to use Kenrico N95 Disposal Facial Mask?

 kenrico_n95mask_usage1  kenrico_n95mask_usage2
Adjust the mask to match the contour of the face by stretching the N95 mask upwards and downwards. The black side is the side that touches the face. The white side is the outer side. Place the adjusted mask that has matched the face contour on the table with outwards portion facing up (white side facing up).
 kenrico_n95mask_usage3  kenrico_n95mask_usage4
Take out the bamboo vinegar sheet from its sleeve. Place the Kenrico Antiseptic Vinegar sheet on the top of white side the mask.
 kenrico_n95mask_usage5  kenrico_n95mask_usage6
Peel off the carbon titanium and stick it on top of the mask to secure the Kenrico Antiseptic Vinegar. Wear the prepared mask and readjust it to the contour of the face.

Under general circumstances, a mask should be changed daily after visiting public places.

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*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure any disease or ailment.