Ear Candling

Ear candling, using ear candles or cones, is a therapeutic ancient practice that has been used for centuries in many cultures. Ear Candling involves placing a hollow cylinder tube made with strips of cloth coated with wax and have a tapered end, being placed at the opening of the ear and the opposite end is lit. This produces spiraling smoke and warmth.*



 Size of our Candles

Beeswax, Paraffin & Soy Candles
All candles Approx.10 inches in LENGTH Diameter sizes: Medium – Standard 1/2 inch,    Large – 5/8 inch    Small – 1/4 inch

The length of each candle is approximately 10 inches and will vary slightly from candle to candle.

Wax Types

Our ear candles are dipped in 3 types of wax paraffin, soy and  beeswax.  The beeswax candles are dipped in a blend of 85% beeswax and 15% paraffin.  The paraffin candles are dipped in a highly refined food grade paraffin wax.  The soy candles are dipped in a blend of eco soy wax and highly refined food  grade paraffin wax.

Cloth Types

Unbleached Muslin.

Burn Time

Type Cloth Estimated Burn Time Approximate Residue
Beeswax 100% Unbleached Muslin 10 – 12 Minutes Slight
Paraffin 100% Unbleached Muslin 10 – 12 Minutes Slight
Soywax 100% Unbleached Muslin 10 – 12 Minutes Slight

 Estimates above will fluctuate because of various environmental conditions.

Ear Candle Prices: Buy More Save More – Click type to read more & buy

W A X Beeswax
nature’s finest wax
1 Candle $2.25
12 Candles $2 each
24 Candles $1.75 each
120 Candles $1.50 each
most economical ear candle

1 Candle $2
12 Candles $1.75 each
24 Candles $1.50 each
120 Candles $1.25 each
unbleached muslin in EcoSoya
1-3 Candles $2.50 each
4-11 Candles $2.25 each
12-23 Candles $2 each
120 Candles $1.50 each

More Information:

All of our ear candles are made in Georgia, by a small family business who is able to work from home while enjoying more time with their family.

What’s in the candle after an ear candling session?

The most misunderstood or unknown thing about ear candling is what’s in the candle after candling.  Some believe there to be ear wax  present in the candle after burning and others believe the wax to be strictly wax from the candle.  It is possible that what you see in the candle may reflect both the candle wax and congestion from the ear.  What exactly is in the candle after burning is not settled fact.*


*Disclaimer: Ear Cones/Candles are not a medical device.  Ear Candles/Cones are a home remedy.  Results will vary from user to user.  No claim is made for the cure of any disease of ailment.  No guarantee or other assurance is made covering the results of any above-mentioned product.  Do not use ear candles/cones as a substitute for professional medical treatment.  Ear Cones/Candles are not to be used on a perforated eardrum or if there are tubes in the ear.  As with all home remedies, the user assumes all liabilities.  Contractors, manufactures, and vendors of the product assume no liability for the ear coning process, or for any damage, harm, unexpected adverse reaction or complication that might occur during or after the use of ear coning.  Use caution, and common sense with this product.  Your purchase indicates acknowledgment and agreement of this disclaimer and common sense.

*None of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. Ear Candles/Cones are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. The information is provided for educational purposes only.